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i woke up early in the morning today for some weird ceremony thing.

said weird ceremony thing occurred in a place that’s an hour’s drive away, and it’s something for the scholars of the country’s department of science and technology (DOST). essentially, it’s a two-hour program that’s meant to inspire you for the future, and you’re presented to a government official—the secretary of the DOST—so that the guy knows that the government is putting their money into your education.

it’s a rigorous thing. more than 25,000 students throughout the philippines applied for it and took the qualification exams, and only a rough 3,500 made the cut. 3,100 of these people are those who are poorer than poor and probably literally eat dirt for food, which is a good thing, because that means our country is prioritizing those who have less (or nothing) so that they can have an education. the other 400 are those who are better off, and can sort of pay for their own college education, but they’re so good the government wants to shell out cash for them, anyway. i’m using the internet right now in the comforts of my home, so obviously i’m part of the 400. i’m not trying to brag or anything. it just is what it is.

i can’t really put into words how i felt standing (and sitting) there in a semi-large auditorium with a bunch of other people who qualified, too (and are most likely way smarter than i am). it was a bit of a nerve-wracking experience. take into account the fact that the thing was televised and some guy who personally knows the president was there, it kind of built up the pressure. i even had to step on stage, which is weird enough, even without the tv camera pointed directly at my face.

as far as i’m concerned, i have no idea how i got to qualify for the damn thing, but it’s cool. my parents won’t have to spend so much on me, and it must be a relief because aside from myself, they have 4 other children to think about.

they didn’t discuss the real nitty-gritty of the scholarship itself; the ceremony was pretty much just this celebratory thing, but not quite. it’s like a knighting ceremony, but instead of turning people into knights, they acknowledge you as an official iskolar ng bayan (ee [as in bee] skaw [as in flaw but with an ‘sk’ sound] lar [as in bar with an ‘l’] + ng [like ‘mung’ from ‘mung bean’ except it starts with an ‘m’] + ba [like the ‘baa’ for sheep] yan [like yam, with an ‘n’ at the end instead of ‘m’]. iskolar ng bayan roughly translates to scholar of the country. it’s an honorary title. or something.

on the fourth of may they discuss the real details of the scholarships, the grades i have to maintain, the rules, the amount of money they’ll give out, etc. but today was interesting.

i also read harry potter fanfiction on the way to the venue which i conveniently saved onto my phone ohohohohohohohoho

wow, I just read your anon hate post and omg, I agree with everything you said about people being hateful when someone likes something thats a bit different. Hell, I've been through so much of that nonsense. What is that about?! I know we've only 'interacted' (lol) for a couple of weeks now, but I wanted to say that each time I go on tumblr, your posts have me LOLing or sobbing for the beauty that's mjf. And I can already tell you're pretty awesome, so I say, don't worry about what they say :)

People are mean, really. And it makes me sad.

Although, I’m glad that I make someone smile. :D That’s essentially the most important thing to me! Happiness should be spread, not dead!

Thanks for the message. <3333333


your teeth look AMAZING!!!!






okay, if i’m going to be honest, it was a little less than two years, because i got them on the eleventh of may, 2010. but that’s not important.

this post has pictures, too. so it’s also going under a read more cut.

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Since I have made "Neoreeves" I have never got a single anon hate towards me or Keanu. And it's sad how people bash others for liking a celebrity! Sorry that you got anon hate cause you don't deserve it. xx

Well, I’m really glad you’ve never received it. You don’t deserve hate, either.

To be honest, those aren’t the first hateful messages I’ve received. I’ve received a lot more for expressing my opinion on things like fidelity or sexuality, and even some crazy people who hate me simply because I don’t like a ship. :/ The world of Tumblr can be a real downer, but… At the same time, it lets me meet people like you. And I’m thankful for that. :’)

I can say for sure right now that I talk to you because it brightens up my day and has driven me out of so many angsty situations in the past. you're one of the most awesome, entertaining people I've ever had the fortune to have as an online friend, and one of the few with the ability to make me spend the rest of the day with a stupid grin on my face. the most negative emotion I've ever felt towards you was jealousy, which is the opposite of pity. and even that doesn't last. ILU. <3

I’m going to cry.

(At the same time, though, I’m so happy that I cheer you up. I’m really glad that I can make one person smile. MORE SO BECAUSE IT IS A STUPID GRIN. I like stupid grins. I make them a lot because of you, too. Stop making me laugh. STOP IT.

Also, I’m sorry if I make you feel jealous. D: I don’t… know how that’s possible, but…

P.S. I love you, too.

And now I’m legitimately going to cry.)

a post about anon hate

some people have been wondering what i mean about ‘anon hate’ and under the read more cut are some of the messages that i’ve received that aptly fit the description.

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filler space

why is it that most of the time i feel like people only talk to me because they feel sorry for me and that if the feeling of sympathy or empathy or whatever the hell people say these days didn’t exist then i would be all alone breathing stagnant oxygen and maybe even gathering dust in the creases on my palms and fingers

Don't worry about growing up! you'll be fine! And if you had any problems with math, you can always ask me. I doubt if you will have any problems but anyway :D

Aaaaahhh!! :D Yay, I have a tutor! Lahasnakavld you’re awesome. C’: And, gah, I really hope I’ll be fine. :| Thank you for your well wishes. :’) They mean more to me than you probably think.

You're growing up and becoming so independent ! omgoish it's exciting!

It is sort of exciting, if not totally scary. C: I’m going through that transition phase from teenager to adult and I’m just hoping that I turn out okay and not a huge douchebag or anything. I’ve got a lot of worries and I’m a paranoid person by default, so essentially I’m just praying I’ll make it out alive. :’)